With over fifty years experience and three generations of manufacturing, Picut Manufacturing Company relies on state-of-the-art technology and equipment to satisfy the demanding needs of its customers.

A total commitment to, and continual reinvestment in, plant and equipment will launch PMC into the new millennium with nearly 100 employees and a 50,000 square foot environmentally-controlled production facility.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we not stop until PMC customers receive on-time delivery of a product that reflects our rigid standards of perfection.

If you require the resources of a manufacturing facility with a diverse spectrum of precision Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment and in-depth experience with complex multi-unit assemblies, you will find all this and more at Picut Manufacturing Company.

PMC's progressive engineering and CNC programming staff use computer aided design and manufacturing software (AutoCad, Mastercam) on an integrated system of workstations to analyze and meet today's complex production challenges both quickly and efficiently. Through this computer network all facets of the company from scheduling to customer service can work compatibly together to produce a quality product and deliver it on-time to our customers.

PMC has always felt that when it comes to manufacturing, quality must be built into the organization. Our quality control department staffed by highly trained in-process and final inspectors, enables us to produce precision machined parts and assemblies to the highest standards. With the implementation of statistical process control (SPC), we are able to quickly locate and eliminate any manufacturing deficiencies before they become detrimental problems.

With a full programmable coordinate measuring machine (CMM), accurate to within one hundred-millionth of an inch, PMC can dimensionally inspect extremely complex parts easily and efficiently by simply loading a part onto the machine and pressing a button. With this level of sophistication, we are confident in meeting any quality challenge presented to us.

JIT (Just in Time) manufacturing is not just a goal at PMC - it has become a reality by employing a group of horizontal palletized machining centers which all but eliminate the continual refixturing of various parts. In fact, a total of eight different parts can be set-up on each of the eight pallets and run simultaneously on one machine. Raw material is received on a JIT basis, the parts are machined on a JIT basis and shipped accordingly to the customer, thereby minimizing inventory expenses and reducing costs. Cost reduction is not the only benefit from this type of system. By reducing the number of set-ups an operator must make - which minimizes opportunity for errors - quality is improved as well.

Maintaining such technically complex equipment requires tremendous engineering talents, in-depth tool design capabilities and experienced fixture design groups. Add SPC inspection and JIT manufacturing to the formula, and you have the winning combination that has established PMC as a highly diversified precision manufacturing group still sensitive to the needs of its customers.

In adopting a zero defect approach to manufacturing, PMC surpasses the expectations of even its most critical customers. From precision milling on VMC's (Vertical Machining Centers) to machining parts thirty inches in diameter to internal broaching of complex shapes, Picut runs the gamut of versatility. On our super precision bar feed turning centers, which eliminate the hand loading of parts by the operator, we can maintain fifty millionths of an inch accuracy and still do it rapidly. Commensurate with such tight tolerancing specifications, PMC uses the most advanced electromechanical internal and external gaging systems available to measure these dimensions.


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